The Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20 instructs believers to “Go make disciples of all nations.” Technological advancement should always be used to fulfill that commission and spread the gospel. It time for believes to take greater advantage of the potential of the internet for global evangelization.

The Acts 1:8 commission includes instructions to go to “the ends of the earth.” Jesus went wherever there were people that would listen to the gospel. There are a lot of people online, many of whom are seeking a relationship with the Creator God. The Internet allows us to fulfill the Great Commission in areas not otherwise accessible.

No. This is not an attempt to take the place of the local church but rather to strengthen it. This is for those who desires addition motivation and inspiration in their Christian walk, no longer being limited by geography or schedules.

You don’t have to join this church… or any church… to believe in Jesus and receive the free gift of right standing with God. But to learn as you should and walk in victory you will need help, so that is why we are here.

The Bible says to “bring your tithe to the storehouse.” If you have a local congregation, your tithe belongs there. If “My 180 Church” is your store house, then sow your tithe here. However, we will never charge for ministry. We do accept gifts and offerings, but we never require or pressure anyone to give.

If you so chose to give to “My 180 Church” we have conveniently located a button on our home page where you give on a secure site.

We have set up a prayer request link on our home page where you can submit your confidential prayer request. Our dedicated staff and prayer partners will receive and respond to your prayer request in a timely manner in order to see your prayers answered.

It does not matter who you are and what you have done! Jesus Christ loves you and we are here to help you and not to condemn you.

If you are not yet a believer I Jesus Christ… Why not?  He believes in you and loves you even more than you love yourself. You can trust someone like that! Receiving Jesus Christ is a gift, not something you must earn or deserve. Even if you are the worlds biggest sinner, Jesus will receive you if you will call on Him.

You Can Become A Believer TODAY!