How Can We Help?

Pastoring and church ministry can be very challenging in this post modern world. The pressure to be creative every week, the stress of dwindling finances, the decline of membership and a full staff of different personalities. Maintaining the “box” can bring a pressure that was not intended when it all began.

Sometime a fresh set of eyes, a fresh voice or even a friend to rethink the load can be a great relief. Here at My 180 Church we have developed that very thing in our church consulting. At your request, we can come in and sit down, in a creative meeting, to strategize, reflect, redirect, refocus the vision that your ministry was founded on.

Is this an attempt to take over my church?

No. This is not an attempt to take over your church. This is for those churches who may be having some struggles in their finances, feel stuck in a rut or need ideas and solutions to reignite the flame and the passion one more time.

Do I have To Join “My 180 Church” to participate?

No, you don’t have to join this ministry for us to consult with you…our consultation ministry is designed to be a support and a comfort to Pastors and their board in order to fulfill the vision and dreams God has placed in their hearts.

How much is the upfront consultation fee?

There are no upfront fees for us to sit down with you for a consultation. We are more interested in helping you find your “Why,” your “Philosophy,” and your “Strategy” to build your ministry. Our hearts desire is to see the Kingdom of God advanced and the lives of His people to experience a turnaround.

If you feel we can be of any assistance, please fill out our contact form here. Ministry is suppose to be the greatest time of your life as a Pastor. Don’t allow it to be a burden and a drain on your life, your health or your family.


You are an inspiration to our staff. You’re a pastor to these folks. You enable and inspire them to become more, do more and to expect more.
Michael M.

You have made a difference in the few months you’ve had to work. I love your ideas and the way you motivate others. You are an inspiration to our staff. You’re a pastor to these folks. You enable and inspire them to become more, do more and to expect more. I get excited when I think about the next 12 months! I like to dream about what could be, what could happen! (Possibility thinking) I know there are some great ideas incubating in that little head of yours. Every great enterprise, building, project began as an idea, then a few notes on a napkin, before it became concrete. We have a great vehicle to carry us to the next level. The future is pregnant with possibilities. Let’s continue to stay a close nit leadership group. Maintain good communication and perpetuate the excitement. The new H.T. Leadership team launched one year ago. Progress has been made, but the focus of the next 12 months will be laying the foundation for the future! Old records in enrollment and financial income will be broken.

I wanted to Congratulate you and tell you how proud I am of achieving Accreditation status for our Early Childhood Program!  It was a steep hill for us to climb, but with mountain climbers like you and Linda along with Cheryl & Gloria, you scaled it! Thanks again for the exceptional commitment to excellence that you have demonstrated. God bless you and Linda, so proud you are leading our team!

Pastor Newberry