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The Beginning of a New Path

Many people through the ages have said many profound things about loss. But at the risk of oversimplifying, loss, by its very nature, is change. Change, by its very nature, is loss – and both can be incredibly difficult. When we lose something – a friendship, job, family member, career, or dream – we are forced to change. We are forced to surrender our idea of how we thought life was going to be and accept the reality that it isn’t going to be the way we thought it was going to be after all. This loss must be felt. It must be grieved. It must be accepted before it can be released.

While God does have our very best interest at heart, there are times in life when we may question this reality that we’ve been told over and over again. Even though we KNOW God loves us, when we experience loss, and all of the messy ugliness that comes with it, we are forced to stare our own vulnerability and utter lack of control square in the face. There are times when change is terribly unfair, undeserved, and confusing; if not kept in check, the confusion can quickly turn to resentment and anger, because no one this side of heaven can explain – REALLY explain – why bad things happen to good people. Some things just don’t make any sense to our wisdom, and any attempt to offer an explanation generally feels trite, dismissive, or just downright untrue.

But God says HIS foolishness is wiser than our wisdom and HIS weakness is stronger than our strength. It’s a good thing too, because our wisest philosopher’s insight still cannot explain the unexplainable. No sane person rejoices in the loss of something valuable, because losing something or someone you love is painful. But, if we can bring ourselves to a place of raw vulnerability, a place where we feel how we feel and love ourselves through it, we will see clearly enough to find the beauty in the unanswered questions. God will lead us to a new normal, and we will feel the joy of living again.

This September 11, on the anniversary of an event that thrust so many into a tremendous and crushing season of loss, may you have peace amidst your turmoil, acceptance of your pain, and a sense of wonder for the unknown. He will not leave you. He will not forsake you. Together, through change and loss, you will find the beginning of a new path.

  1. We have really missed your inspirational Sunday sermons. We always looked forward to re fuel with your words from the Bible each Sunday. I made a 180 back then and have continued to follow your example. But we have been missing your words of hope and peace. Norma and I just finished your Amazing Grace broadcast and it brought back those Sundays we looked forward to. The site looks good and we will continue to follow you here. Thanks again.
    John and Norma Schultz

  2. Vickie Ray

    This certainly has been my living testament in the past few months or for that matter the last few years. I believe God pulled me closer in preparation for the deaths of my father and my sister. We don’t know the reasons why we just need to lean on him for the encouragement that we need to move on. My personal relationship with him tells me although I didn’t want them to go God had a purpose for taking them and a bigger purpose for my life. Everything you have said here has been exactly how I have seen and felt. All I can do is trust and love him more and welcome the change and see what he has in store for me. If we look, listen and feel we will be lead in the right direction. Thank you so much for listing this little piece of encouragement!

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